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News Update 2017


Five years ago a small group of Community Members from the Kodaikanal area met together to discuss the idea of establishing a Public Health project that would address the needs of residents of rural communities in the Upper Hills villages surrounding Kodaikanal.    The Taluk includes thirty or forty such towns and villages whose members have little access to modern medical facilities and who rarely have opportunities to come into Kodaikanal even for routine shopping.    Health care for most of these areas is limited to what can be done right there within the village community.

For this reason a concerned group of citizens came together to start RURAL PRE-VENTURES CHARITABLE TRUST.    The aims and objectives of this organization are spelled out on this website.    You will also find photos and stories of various projects and activities covering a wide spectrum,  from primary health care to environmental concerns to educational efforts to cultural opportunities.   We are proud of what we have done so far.  But we are always eager to expand our work and our influence.    

Our main focus is still on the Village of Poombarai,  where we have built our Health Center and where most of our project work takes place.   But since we have now acquired a Mobile Medical Unit (called the SKIPPO VAN),. we have started to expand our Outreach to more distant and remote villages in the Upper Hills areas of Kodaikanal Taluk.   Gundupatti and Kukkal are the first two.   And there are many more to come as our resources increase.    

You will see below some of the current activities of RPV during the past year or so. We encourage you to become involved in this important Public Health initiative.   Feel free to contact one of our Trustees here in India or one of the Corporation members of RPV-USA.  Contact details are given on this site.

Meanwhile, have a look at our current projects below.   We also have a Facebook page where you can see further updates and photos.

Our sincere thanks to those individuals and groups who have become sustaining members and contributors to this worthwhile project.


Here Jay, Project Manager, and Victoria,  Nurse, conduct sessions for village women and children eager to  know the  importance of  Cleanliness at  Home. These lessons are conducted weekly at our Health Center in Poombarai.

As a follow up of the Dental Camp conducted a few weeks ago in the Village of Poombarai,   local merchants in Kodaikanal were encouraged to donate toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soaps that have now been distributed to these mothers and children  who continue to attend our weekly Health Lessons.

Sri Ramachandra Dental College Returns to Poombarai

Fifteen members of the Faculty and Graduate Dental Students from Sri Remachandra Dental College returned again in mid-February, 2017 to conduct their three-day Camp at our Health Center in Poombarai.   RPV is proud of this ongoing relationship with a Professional Medical Institution.   This prestigious Chennai University made its first visit to our Clinic in Poombarai in 2012.    

It is heartening to see the long lines of eager children and adults waiting patiently for their turn in the Dental Chairs.   Over one thousand patients have been examined and treated over the past several years.   Accurate records are kept so that whenever the Dental Experts return,  they can easily discern the need for each patient and meet that need without delay.


A Generous Donor recently made it possible for over five hundred kids from the Poombarai School to have brand new Chappals. Rural Pre-Ventures pays close attention to all aspects of Health Care for children.


RPV has initiated a Clean-Up Campaign in the Village of Poombarai. We have provided separate bins for Trash, Recycling, and Food Waste. We have also provided a new Cart that is used to transfer waste to Safe Disposal Areas.


It is a brand new Tempo Traveler completely outfitted with all that is necessary to conduct medical examinations ‘on the road’ so to speak.     

Trustees and Project Leaders are proud of this new acquisition and ready to expand our Outreach even further out into the Upper Hills rural communities.     

Pictured here are Anil and Sunayana Choudhury,  Tiku Cauvet,  Bob Granner,  Vasantha and Dr. Sethuraman,  and Philippe Cauvet.   

The Old Skippo was a similar Outreach Program sponsored by Van Allen Hospital and members of the Staff at Kodai School.   It was initiated first of all in the 1950’s and continued on, intermittently, into the 1990’s.    Hopefully, once the services of another doctor are secured,  RPV can send the New Skippo out to a different village each day of the week.    The need is endless, and we are all excited about the possibilities of expansion.

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