• Rural Preventures Charitable Trust To become a catalyst for improving quality of rural life & provide/arrange the resources too.
  • Potters Shed The Potters Shed was born from a dream. It all started about 20 years ago in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, when a teacher at the Kodaikanal International School happened to see a village potter at work. »
  • Outreach - The Village Health Centre Scout for localised skills that come with commitment: Two Social Workers with over 20 years of contact with local Villages have been identified & brought on-board
  • Pot Luck and The Sambar Kitchen "Food from around the world carefully cooked in Kodai Kitchens"
    By shopping or eating here our customers are helping to provide a free meal a day to 19 men & women in extreme poverty. »

ANIL CHOUDHRY,   Managing Trustee

Anil Choudhury graduated  from IIT, Madras (B.Tech.) in 1974. Worked with ITC Ltd, in their
Packaging & Printing Division and International Business Division, for twenty years. Moved on
to Indo-Rama, Indonesia as CEO/President of their PET business in 1994 and retired in 2006.
Moved from York, UK to Kodaikanal, India in 2006 and has since been involved with various
Charities & NGO’s that work with rural children & economically challenged persons. He defines
his Role as that of a Venture-Catalyst.

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Sunayana is Convenor of INTACH’s Chapter in Kodaikanal. She plays the piano and is an
accomplished cook. POTLUCK & SAMBAR KITCHEN rely on her culinary skills. Through
her work with INTACH, Indian Classical Music has become a part of the lives of rural
children. Sunayana also runs several innovative programmes for the Heritage Clubs in
Kodaikanal Schools. These include “My Tree Book” which focuses on Kodai’s water
bodies and other environmental issues.

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are the two Members-at-Large for RPV Trust.  Arun is a business man residing in Coimbatore and
Kodaikanal. Vasantha is a multi-talented woman whose interests include social service work among
the under-privileged. Her husband, Sethu, is one of the Volunteer Doctors for Trust.  


Jay is   Project Manager for RPV.  He worked in Poombarai for over a dozen years, even before
Rural Pre-Ventures established its Health Center there.  Because Jay had won the trust of the entire
community, especially the children, our entire team has been welcomed with open arms and beautiful smiles, too.

Students from the Poombarai School sometimes learn Health Education in an outdoor classroom.  Here Jay
gives a lesson with the approval of community leaders and classroom teachers. Jay is a graduate of MAHE
(Manipal Academy of Higher Education). His degree is in physical therapy, but he is also experienced and
skilled in Community Development.

Health Education includes a wide spectrum of important subjects for consideration: Environmental Awareness.
Clean Water and Sanitation. . . Women’s Empowerment . . . Education of Teachers. . .  Critical Thinking for
Students. . . Career counseling . . . Good parenting . . . Cultural Heritage:      Rural Pre-Ventures tries to
touch on all these issues . . . and more, and our connection with the national group called INTACH helps a lot.

INTACH means India National Trust for Arts, and Cultural Heritage.  

Through our affiliation with this group, Rural Pre-Ventures’ leaders encourage kids in local schools
to understand and to respect their heritage and all the arts. Here one of the local school kids in
Poombarai receives an award 
for winning an essay contest on cultural awareness sponsored by INTACH.
Poombarai is one of the most ancient tribal villages in Tamilnadu, and community members are taught to 
honor and to respect their rich culture.

Through connections with INTACH, professional music teachers have come to Kodaikanal to teach kids how
to play the Veena and other Indian classical instruments.   A South Indian stringed instrument, the Veena is one
of the most ancient musical instruments in the world. 


We have been fortunate to have several volunteer doctors for Rural Preventures Charitable Trust.  Dr. Sethu 
wins the confidence of every patient who comes to see him at the Clinic, either in Poombarai on Thursdays or
Gundupatt on Mondays. He works tirelessly from early morning to mid-afternoon on these days, never stopping
even for a lunch break until every patient has been given his full attention. 

Dr. Sethu and his wife, Vasantha, are now retired and   make their home in Kodaikanal.  Dr. Sethu volunteers
his services to RPV two days a week. 


Victoria,  our nurse, has been with RPV for two years.  She is personable, efficient, and outgoing. Fluent in
Tamil, she relates well with patients and always gives professional attention to detail.

Dr. Sethu works equally well with children and adults.


Nurse Victoria commands respect and helps all the who come to the clinic to feel safe and at ease.

Victoria and Jay come to the Clinic six days each week. On Thursdays, they support Sethu in Poombarai
Clinic. Every Monday the team goes to Gundupatti, a more remote village.

Vasantha SethuRaman volunteers to help Victoria in the Clinic Office while her husband examines patients.

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