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News Update 2015


Our Health Center at Poombarai conduct clinic with Dr. K.R. Sethuraman, MBBS, MAFP, FRACGP (Aust), on every Thursday from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m., supported with Jay Granner (physiotherapist) and Mrs. Victoria Marthal (nurse).  We used to see minimum 40 patients on clinic day.  And on other days we see around 15 patients per day.  In Poombarai, we noticed the prevalence of Hypertension, Blood Sugar, lung disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, ophthalmic disorders and common cold, flue etc.  Severe cases we refer to nearby towns like Madurai, Coimbatore, Theni etc.

Our ultrasound machine is under repair and we need consent from our Trust to go ahead with the repair as it will be very expensive.  On clinic day the Doctor used to do minimum 5 cases for ultrasound.  Also pending is the haemoglobo meter which will be very helpful for the diagnosis.


Recently we expanded our mission to Gundupatti and the response was immense.  Every Monday we conduct clinic over  there.  There we see minimum 35 patients on clinic day. The villagers are very supportive and warm heartedly welcome us.


Mrs. Karen, an expert in handicrafts products started training girls of Poombarai in knitting, stitching, embroidery and tailoring.  All the girls got training and they are making products for which Karen is paying them accordingly.   

And also we started the women empowerment program to Gundupatti, and many women are participating in that program.  


At the Poombarai Government school we give milk to the school kids from grade one to five.  Every day, around 70 kids get milk and we  use 10 liters of milk for that.  Each week one particular class get the benefit and we supply four days a week.


We conducted 5 dental camps at Poombarai with Dr. Ramachandra Dental Hospital, Chennai.  They used to screen around 450 patients in  two days.  All the school kids are voluntarily screened for any kind of dental problem freely and also the public.

Three eye camps so far and 25 patients got cataract operation freely.  We are planning to have another eye camp towards the end of January 2016.  The surrounding villagers also participate in the camps and we do free transportation if necessary.


12 kids from Poombarai school is getting music training in guitar, violin, veena, tabla, vocal and keyboard through INTACH.  The musicians are from Sivanjali, Coimbatore.


As a part of our awareness program, we are supplying sandals to the school children at an affordable rate.  The sandals are of very good quality and we are charging one fourth of the price.  So far we distributed 430 sandals and it’s on.  Total students at the school numbers around 670.  

Jay Granner
Project Manager

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