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A team of ten professional eye doctors and technicians from the Krishnan Kovil Eye Hospital near Maduraivolunteered to come out to this rural village twice in the past six months. Over fifty  patients, either from Poombarai or surrounding villages, appearedeach timefor consultation and vision tests.

About a dozen older adults were diagnosed with cataracts or some advanced eye problem.    Pictured here are nine of those who traveled a distance of about a hundred kilometers to the hospital along with Jay as their Guide and Counselor.      The doctors had promised free  surgery and other specialized  treatments for those who would dare to makethe trip.    Though it  was somewhat intimidating for these folks, many of whom had never left their village, they survived the journey,   and all of them benefited.

Lakshmi, one of the villagers from Gundupattiwho made the trip, was particularly pleased.    She is about fifty years of age. She was legally blind for over five years with limited vision inonly one eye.    She had been examined earlier by another hospital and was told there was no hope for her to regain her vision.  But the doctors at Krishnan Kovil did not agree, and she was given treatment for her condition.    When she returned to her village,  she was thrilled to announce,  “Now I can see for the first time in five years!”Here Lakshmi is pictured with the Rural Preventures Team and her   mother  who  is  so  happy  for  her   daughter’s   new   sight.

Returning to Gundupatti with vision restored in one eye and significant improvement in the other eye,  Lakshmi represents a  voice of approval for the RPV Team in this community.   Her proud mother is also a strong advocate for our work.    One of our Trustees puts it this way:  “This is another miracle!”

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