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Outreach - Dentistry

Professional Dentistry in Poombarai

Teams of Dentists from the Sri Ramachandra Dental University  in Chennai have visited the  village of Poombarai twice in the last  year. About a dozen dentists and technicians come for each visit.  

Dentists at work

Over 1000 patients have been examined and treated in this one village alone. Records are kept for each patient. When the dental team returns, they know immediately what to do, and the work continues seamlessly.    

Most of the residents of this village had never visited a dentist’s office before this experience. Yet, adults and children wait patiently and seem unafraid when it their turn to be examined.

No one seems to fear the dentist’s drill.   Kids come directly from School still wearing their uniforms, eager to see what the excitement is all about. 

  A fully equipped mobile dentist’s office is truly unique in a rural village A fully equipped mobile dentist’s office is truly unique in a rural village

Besides filling cavities, the dental team takes time to distribute tooth brushes and toothpaste and dental floss.  Then they show their audience how to use these useful gifts for long term health benefits. 


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