• Rural Preventures Charitable Trust To become a catalyst for improving quality of rural life & provide/arrange the resources too.
  • Potters Shed The Potters Shed was born from a dream. It all started about 20 years ago in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, when a teacher at the Kodaikanal International School happened to see a village potter at work. »
  • Outreach - The Village Health Centre Scout for localised skills that come with commitment: Two Social Workers with over 20 years of contact with local Villages have been identified & brought on-board
  • Pot Luck and The Sambar Kitchen "Food from around the world carefully cooked in Kodai Kitchens"
    By shopping or eating here our customers are helping to provide a free meal a day to 19 men & women in extreme poverty. »

Venture-Catalyst: Scouting for localized skills that come with commitment.

While a Venture-Capitalist is concerned with the efficiency of Capital for new ventures, a Venture-Catalyst concerns himself with the efficiency of a society. He scouts for available talent amongst a set of persons (Society/Community) and arranges for that talent to be put-to-use by inventing a proto-type to create value-addition within that community. This proto-type involves creation of value-addition activity and also provides/generates  the resources for start-up of the venture.  Returns are sought in a long-term time frame and are measured using indices of societal-gain rather than in monetary terms.  While the Venture-Catalyst is a hands-on person, he does not personally benefit from the Venture; hence, he becomes a Venture-Catalyst.

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