• Rural Preventures Charitable Trust To become a catalyst for improving quality of rural life & provide/arrange the resources too.
  • Potters Shed The Potters Shed was born from a dream. It all started about 20 years ago in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, when a teacher at the Kodaikanal International School happened to see a village potter at work. »
  • Outreach - The Village Health Centre Scout for localised skills that come with commitment: Two Social Workers with over 20 years of contact with local Villages have been identified & brought on-board
  • Pot Luck and The Sambar Kitchen "Food from around the world carefully cooked in Kodai Kitchens"
    By shopping or eating here our customers are helping to provide a free meal a day to 19 men & women in extreme poverty. »
Outreach - Establishing a Village Health Centre

A journey to the ancient village of Poombarai, located in the heart of the Palni Hills, about twenty kilometers outside of Kodaikanal, is breathtaking for its natural beauty.   The clean sight of the valley with the village surrounded by sloped farming with different soil colors and  wonderful patterns created by terraces and vegetation are some of the most appealing elements of this region.

Decorated for a local festival in the Village of Poombarai, a Temple Cart parks in front of the Rural Pre-Ventures Clinic.  Here seventy or eighty patients will line up on the steps every Thursday to see Dr. Sethuraman for a variety of ailments. If it isn’t a common ailment that can be treated on the spot, patients are referred to specialists in Kodaikanal,  some twenty kilometers distant,  or to a hospital in Madurai or Batalagundu on the plains. Our nurse, Victoria, and our project manager, Jay, welcome each patient,   help the pharmacist dispense medicines according to their diagnosis, and keep accurate records.   

Our Rural Preventures Team members know the importance of showing interest and taking part in the normal every-day activities of the communities in which they work.   But they know it is especially important to be present at festivals and special events.   Community leaders here in Poombarai welcome our Health Initiatives because we show respect for them and their values.

The Ramaraj Clinic in Poombarai is a memorial honoring the memory of Dr. Ramaraj Kumar, a well known doctor in Kodaikanal who passed away prior to the opening of the Clinic.   Jayashree Kumar, his wife, supports Rural Preventures Charitable Trust in a variety of ways and provides significant leadership throughout the entire Kodaikanal Community including the Outreach into the Upper Hills Villages.  

The Clinic in Poombarai is centrally located and consists of two floors. The lower level is used primarily for routine examinations, and the upper level can be utilized for special medical needs, community meetings, and women’s empowerment activities such as sewing and basket making.  


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